Diiamon’d Royalty grew up in a small country town in Virginia and she describes at times feeling isolated because she did not fit in. This feeling of being different can be found in the poems she wrote as early as 8 and later in her song lyrics. It also gave her a distinct edge which she uses in her cleverly worded lyrics. Whether she is in the studio spitting her songs or laying out a freestyle, she is catching attention. Including from industry executives, being signed by South Coast Records within short time on the music scene.

Diiamon’d Royalty was always told she had a gift in performing and making music. When she saw her fans reactions she knew she had to perform. She draws in her audience with her ability to lay it all out there and being her true self. A no holds barred approach! She thrills audiences with her clever rhymes and smooth delivery. Diiamon’d Royalty is not a name you will forget soon and she is certainly a rapper to watch!